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Our Story

Bougie Bites was founded in 2021 intertwining two of my most favorite passions. Baking and our family dogs!

My health was very important to me and working behind a desk, 40 hours a week, caused me to spread about 40!  So, I joined the gym and Weight Watchers. Before I knew it I was getting fit and lost over 30 pounds. I noticed on my walks with my dogs that I was outlasting them by leaps and bounds. It was time to whip them into shape so that they could keep up with the new and improved me!  The challenge? These dogs LOVE their snacks as much, if not MORE, than I do. With them being so dang cute, and the fact that I just can never say, "No." (hence, why my grandkids call me "YAYA"

- and I'm not even Greek!) the challenge was on!


So, finding them healthy options, to make their tails wag, became my mission.​  Thus, it all began.  I tried and continue to try all sorts of recipes.  Tweaking a little here and there and then the most important step - passing our Team Bougie's Taste Testings.  The team's C.E.T.s (Chief Executive Tasters) consists of our family dogs!

  • First up, Angel, a 13-year-old, Texan born, Shorkie. After a very large bottle of wine, and on a dare, she was ours. Her name should actually be, "Yellow-Tail."  This sweetie is no "Angel" either. She's definitely a Bougie-Boss ruling the roost! She belongs to me and my husband, Sully. Then there are the two sweetest rescues.

  • Auggie, a 3-year-old hound/American Terrier mix, belongs to my son, Nicholas. The youngest of the three. He has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.

  • Last but certainly not least, the "Big Boy" of the team - Floyd, belonging to my youngest son, Finn.  He is 5 years old and is the team's 90-pound gentle giant that thinks he's a lap dog.  


So, as you can see we have quite a range to please... and please we do!  These 4-pawed loves of ours adore our treats.  No lie - some they have "bougily" turned their snouts up to and, needless to say, we don't sell those. 

 As I go forth with Bougie Bites, I will continue with my goal to please with healthy options by trying new recipes and adding more fun and creative baked products. I want to assist your needs in any way that I can - so don't be shy! No order is too small or too big. Have a special request, need or idea? Just message me and if I can - I promise that I will!

My mission is to bake healthy daily, training and special occasion treats for your 4-pawed family members and friends - that they will love and you will feel good, in your heart and mind, giving them.

I want their tails to wag when they hear you say, "BOUGIE!"

Meet The Team's C.E.T.s







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